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Psychotherapy works to help those who feel stuck or anxious, or who are experiencing an underlying sense of sadness about their lives.


Some of the common issues psychotherapy and counselling can help with are:


what is Psychotherapy?

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Relationship/sexual problems

Sexual problems are, for many people, not easily discussed but in their detail can be seen as one of the clearest articulations of the problems within a relationship. Normalising these intimate details in order to reflect on them in the work with a psychotherapist is a necessary aspect of the therapeutic process and opening up these subjects to discussion can in many case have an alleviating effect.


Most people experience some form of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. Common sexual problems that people bring to therapy include loss of sex drive, sexual jealousy/bullying, addiction to pornography, erectile issues and vaginismus (difficulty or pain with penetration).


The psychotherapy approach to these issues is to contextualise the sexual issues within the dynamic of the relationship itself insofar as biological/medical causes have been fully investigated outside of the therapy sphere. Intimacy in relationships, whether manifested in sexuality or not, is itself a reflection of the person’s relationship with his or her own self-image. Psychotherapy looks to reflect upon, and work on, the origins and historical influences on this self-image and how problems and insecurities have become triggered by current scenarios and relationship dynamics. This, perhaps more than any other area of psychotherapeutic concern, in turn implicates the relationship between client and therapist and it is in this context that the relationships issues are explored and addressed.