Do You Need Expert Therapy Which Can Be Delivered Online?

Along with delivering therapy to clients in London, Sam Palmer is available to work with you online.

Having been working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist since 2003, Sam Palmer has extensive experience and has worked in a number of settings. His clients include couples, adolescents and adults struggling with a range of issues.

Highly qualified and experienced, he's committed to helping you move your life forward, whether through 1-1 sessions online or in-person.

Many of us are hugely affected by past trauma, whether it's difficulties with parents, rejection from a spouse or another traumatic event. Often we stay in negative situations because it's familiar, not because it's better for us.

Why choose Sam Palmer for therapy online or in London?

Every single one of us views the world according to our unique experiences in the past.

Sam Palmer delivers therapy that focuses on exploring past experiences and how they inform the present. He will help you explore your innermost feelings, dreams and memories so you can change your relationship with the past. During his therapy sessions, he strives to help you break free from old patterns.

You'll find a range of useful counselling and psychotherapy links on his website.

If you're looking to have therapy sessions online, discover more about Sam Palmer today. Or simply contact him for more information.