Professional Therapy For Depression In London

It is common for people to feel low in mood or sad at times. Depression is a much more serious and long-lasting condition that affects your everyday life.

Common symptoms of depression include experiencing a low mood most days, poor motivation and tiredness, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, difficulties concentrating and keeping a focus, a lack of sleep or oversleeping most days. You might also exhibit a lack of interest or pleasure in hobbies or social activities.

If your negative emotions and thinking patterns have become more severe, therapy is something you may need to consider.

Feelings of helplessness and worthlessness are signs of depression that can reduce a lot or go away with appropriate treatment. Sam Palmer is an experienced therapist who regularly helps people to overcome depression and gain control over their life.

Depression can occur as a reaction to life events, such as a relationship breakdown, but it can also run in families. Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy, Sam Palmer would love to welcome you to his practice in London.

Many experts recommend that therapy is offered for depression irrespective of the severity. The process of talking in depth about your difficulties with a Clinical Psychologist will help you make sense of why you started feeling depressed and how your thoughts and behaviours are maintaining your symptoms.

Along with delivering in-person therapy, Sam Palmer can offer virtual sessions.

If you're looking for an expert therapist in London, find out more about Sam Palmer or get in touch today.